What Are EPA Standards?

EPA Standards
The EPA is an agency that protects human and environmental health. They set regulations for various environmental scenarios, including water testing. It is important to stay within EPA standards to prevent any harm to your body. Our color charts are based off of EPA standards to insure that our customers stay safe. 

EPA Drinking Water Standards
To find the exact limits, sources, and health effects from contaminants in drinking water, visit the EPA website below. 
The EPA separates water contaminants into Primary and Secondary Contaminants. Primary contaminants should be followed exactly as stated. Secondary contaminants are simply a recommendation, but we suggest following them. 

Due to the fact that EPA standards are constantly updating, we have chosen to attach a link directly to the EPA website.

Primary EPA Drinking Water Standards:

Secondary EPA Drinking Water Standards: https://www.epa.gov/sdwa/secondary-drinking-water-standards-guidance-nuisance-chemicals

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