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Clean Water Worldwide

Our efforts don't stop at clean water for our customers, or the United states (Where we are based.)

Our goal is worldwide impact, and it starts with you. Each purchase you make supports our partner charity, Water For Good.

Water For Good was started with the goal of ending water poverty in the Central African Republic by 2030. Water for Good works with communities in central Africa to establish sanitation best practices, improve agriculture, and empower people to create sustainable clean water access.

Water For Good

Lack of clean water and proper sanitation is one of the greatest tragedies of our time, killing more people than all forms of violence, including war.

Since Water For Good was founded in 2004, the number of people in the world who lacked access to clean water dropped by 40%. Your support helps our mission of getting this number down to zero.

Water For Good works with locals to build sustainable solutions that provide communities with lasting access to clean water. This includes drilling new wells, service visits to existing wells, and rehabilitating old and forgotten wells. 

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Learn more about the work that Water For Good does in the Central African Republic.

Water For Good