When should I test?

It is recommended to test your water at least once a year. Aim for twice a year for peace of mind!

Make sure to test your water:

• If your water supply is private (Wells, ground water, etc.). Private water supplies are at higher risk of containing contaminants

• If you have recurring incidents of gastrointestinal illness within your family

• If pregnant women, babies and young children are using the water source. These groups are most vulnerable to contaminants 

• If you move to a new property, apartment, or building

• If you suspect contamination through smell, discoloration, and other aesthetic properties - blue or red stains are highly concerning

• If your water leaves a white residue on plumbing and appliances

• If household appliances or water supply equipment appear to be delayed or inefficient

• If Health & Safety regulations require that specific water tests are carried out regularly

• If you have not tested your water in the past year

Additional testing should be performed more frequently for these tests:

• Hardness - Fluctuates most often
• Chlorine - Chlorine is an additive; which does not sympathize with human error.
• Pesticides - Varies by time of year (Agriculture)
• Nitrates & Nitrites - Varies by time of year (Agriculture)
• Lead - Test at different times of day, especially after water has been sitting in pipes.
• Copper - Can cause gastrointestinal issues

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